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UNSC calling for effective actions to protect the environment in the Artics and South China Sea

UNSC calling for effective actions to protect the environment in the Artics and South China Sea

Written by RT News

Countries including the United States, France, Russia, and Kuwait have been working to establish an arctic oil and gas agreement which aims to deal with the aftermath as well as the investigation process of oil leaks and oil spills, according to a recent update from the United Nations Security Council.

Indonesia, Belgium, and Kuwait have also expressed concern for various environmental issues that have been occurring in the Arctic regions, including water pollution, melting of glaciers due to climate change, carbon footings of cargo ships, and damages resulted from overfishing as well as the intense competition within the fishing industries. They argued that countries in the UNSC should cooperate with each other to create more efficient fishing techniques and apply better fishing rules that will help protect the environmental conditions in the Arctic regions and the South China Sea.

According to the delegation of Kuwait, who has been passionate about the possible implementation of new environmental policies in the Arctic region, “The UNSC should take active steps to reduce the carbon footings of cargo ships and carry out effective measurements in the direction of environment protection of the Arctics as well as the South China Sea.”

Additionally, the delegation of Belgium agrees with Kuwait and indicates that Belgium is willing to share its innovation of fishing nets and techniques with the international community in order to minimize the harsh impacts of fishing on the environment.

It remains unclear what path the UN Security Council will take, but all delegates agreed that the United Nations Security Council should provide an open forum for discussions about the best course of action that each government should take in response to the environmental issues in the Arctic areas and the South China Sea.