Written by RT News

RT News would like to agree with NHK upon the fact that “Amazon holds the position of the largest e-commerce platform in the world and has totally dominated the field and expanded internationally throughout the past decade.”

However, RT news does not see any hope for Amazon to service the citizens of our nation for years to come.

What’s unusual about Russia’s e-commerce landscape, different from the e-commerce platform of Japan, is the absence of Amazon, Facebook, Google. Based on recent RT News reports, Amazon and many other big overseas companies have been slow to invest in Russia due to its restricting laws regarding foreign ownership, which as a result, increases economic prosperity and business opportunities for other domestic and international online retailers such as Yandex and Beru.

RT believes that although there might be possibilities of collaboration between Russian enterprises with Amazon, everything is still up in the air as there are barriers that Amazon will have to navigate before entering the Russian e-commerce market.