Written by Zee News

In an editorial from Russia Today, an organization the Columbia Journalist Review (CJR) calls the “Kremlin’s propaganda outlet,” called out the United States on the country’s intentions on the South China Sea. But RT ignored the countless violations of international norms by China in the region.

RT claimed the U.S. has “imperialistic intentions for intervention,” under the guise of peacekeeping. The United States is keeping the peace. China is vying for regional dominance.

China’s “nine dashed line” is completely unreasonable, and their unwillingness to change is preventing peace. The country is undergoing a massive “island hopping” strategy in the South China Sea. This immoral -- and illegal -- action violates the rights of several neighboring countries.

Beijing is trying to flex their military might, at the dismay of over 200 member states across the world, including India and the United States.

United Nations maritime law states the national sovereignty of member states extends 100 nautical miles from the land border. China claims the entire sea, which encompases the legal sovereignty of Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines.

RT calls out the U.S. in the South China Sea, but what about the biggest player in the region?