Written by China Global Television Network

In a recent opinion, Al Jazeera argued for “the importance of accountability” in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), a position mutually exclusive with the rightful sovereignty of member states.

Al Jazeera criticized countries like Iran, historically behind in women’s rights, and claimed that Iran should not be given equal consideration as a sovereign state. The reporter further argued that the United Nations should not cater to these countries’ cultural norms and should enforce sweeping regulations expected to be upheld by member states.

This is a clear compromise of the inherent autonomy of all countries, regardless of their position on the contested women’s rights spectrum. Al Jazeera failed to note that Iran, throughout its efforts in UNCSW, has partnered with other nations from entirely different perspectives, including the United Kingdom. Belittling Iran’s and its peers’ voices in the issue de-incentivizes them from the already uncharacteristic collaboration they are displaying in committee.

Furthermore, Al Jazeera criticized the non-binding, voluntary approach of the Commission in enacting its policies. It is the opinion of CGTN that any other method employed by the Commission would swiftly and painfully dismantle the credibility long built by the United Nations. Imposing on state sovereignty would not only erase the camaraderie of the organization; it could potentially incite greater conflict between currently indifferent member states.

While it is true that the UN is limited in its legislative scope and its goals are inhibited somewhat by that restriction, the UN is not a country; it is an organization. Asserting dominance over states’ own autonomy is unethical, inefficient and dangerous.