Written by CNBC

In an the editorial “AOSIS proposes promising solutions to climate change,” published on April 5, 2019, NHK World expressed optimism about the solutions the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) put forward to address the impact of climate change on their states. Such optimism is unfounded and suggests a lack of knowledge about climate change and the functioning of international bodies.

The NHK World editorial expressed the opinion that the three draft resolutions proposed by the body would be enough to prevent the coastal states from the ever encroaching sea level. Such positivity is downright naive.

The SEED paper proposes creating a new board entitled EASIS to advise nations on implementing legislation designed to effectively combat climate change. Support of the creation of such an institution shows a fundamental misunderstanding of why combating climate change is so difficult. Nations already know that climate change is a problem, and they know that reducing carbon emissions and moving towards renewable energy is one of the most effective ways to accomplish that. What nations need is a push towards implementing policies to this effect. They need to be incentivised, and that is what AOSIS should have focused on this weekend instead of empty solutions that merely sound flashy and seem deceivingly useful.

This optimism is not only ill-founded, but harmful. Problems worsen to the point of no return because of complacency, and complacency is born of hope. The solutions to climate change proposed in AOSIS during its meeting in April are a mere drop in the bucket and not worthy of celebration.