Written by CNBC

The great Houses of Borgia and Medici have been joined by a third House, created by the marriage between Pedro Luis de Borgia, formerly of House Borgia, and Giovanni II Bentivogilio, formerly of House Medici. Rather than taking either of their names, the new family has taken the name Carter and shall henceforth be known as the House of Carter. Great things are expected from this house, whose very formation indicated great changes in the societal fabric of Italy.

The holy matrimony occurred under the new religion of Gavelism, a recent religious movement gaining popularity throughout Italy. Gavelism has emerged as the primary competitor of Catholicism. It’s tenants include “rejecting being a power del” and “worshipping the gavel.”

The House of Carter has consolidated territories in northern Florence, northern papal states, and the Duchy of Milan. This region will henceforth been known as the State of Cartera.

The editorial board of CNBC expects House Carter to usher in a new era of prosperity to the State of Cartera for several reasons.

Firstly, the significance of a marriage between members from House Borgia and House Medici. These houses have been in violent conflict for decades. They have killed one another and countless civilians. It’s time this senseless violence stopped, and creating peaceful marital bonds between the two families is a great first step.

Secondly, the marriage of Pedro Luis de Borgia and Giovanni II Bentivogilio marks a milestone in human rights across the world. It is the first legal gay marriage in Europe, a monumental event that seems hundreds of years ahead of its time. With such an impressive social conscience, it is easy to imagine that House Carter will make other significant strides in creating a more tolerant society within Cartera and around the world.

And lastly, the House of Carter supports Gavelism, a progressive religion by any metrics (as evidenced by their support for gay rights), but particularly when compared with the harsh policies of the Catholic Church. We can all agree that the absence of power delegates would be an improvement in everyone's life, regardless of their house membership.

Surrounded by enemies, the House of Carter will struggle to survive, let alone flourish. The international community needs to recognize the efforts of the House of Carter to create a more tolerant and peaceful society and at the very least publicly pledge support for the young house. More wealthy nations should go a step further in their support and reach out to the couple at the heart of this new family and offer to provide them with whatever resources or alliances they may need. It would be an excellent gesture towards forming a more peaceful world in which families no longer kill one another for genetic reasons alone.