Written by NHK World

CNBC recently published an article about delegates’ poor attitudes in the UNHCR; and while NHK World agrees with CNBC claim that delegate should be willing to cooperate and support one another, it is not necessary for delegates to support aspect that their countries wouldn’t favor. Part of the purpose of the United Nations is to create comprehensive solutions that will support each nation with their agendas.

While it is important to keep up diplomacy and respect while addressing other delegates, it is also important to speak for your country, and to remain honest in ones statements. While it is recognizable that the delegate from Tanzania could have refrained somewhat in his speech, it is also important that he spoke his opinion.

NHK World also agrees with the statement from the delegated of Rwanda that CNBC quoted: “This delegate would like to remind the committee that we can in fact pass more than one resolution.” Our organization also acknowledges that passing one resolution is favorable when there are several resolutions addressing different ways to implement policy. From our understanding after reading CNN’s article about the different draft resolutions in the UNHCR, all of the resolutions have nearly identical aspects.

Perhaps the focus should be more on creating the most comprehensive solution without introducing several unnecessary pages of loose policy.

While NHK has nothing but respect for CNBC, our organization has to disagree on the level of severity this article was written with. While many aspects hold true to the intended nature of the United Nations, it is important to also hold key that the United Nations exists to debate and create strong foreign policy.