Written by Reuters

As Zee News expressed in an op-ed titled “Why Communism has propelled the USSR to the top", “the reason the USSR is so successful in developing technology is the streamlined system of Communism. There is no red tape. The Central Committee of the Communist Party knows what the people wants, and works tirelessly to achieve those goals”. We think this is a flawed perspective.

While the USSR may be successful in some aspects, the article does not mention how the Central Committee has struggled to address major food and housing shortage crisis that have been plaguing the USSR. The article also fails to give strong evidence on how exactly the system of communism is the cause of the USSR’s strength.

Zee News calls the United States weak, although the US has achieved many of the same accomplishments as the USSR. Overall, the article pushes a bold claim with little reason why communism has created a strong USSR without acknowledging the clear issues the USSR faces.