Written by CNN

Amazon’s Vice President and CTO Werner Vogels was right on the mark when he said the best solution for striking workers was to replace them with workers who cannot strike - automated robots.

Contrary to the opinion of the Al Jazeera Editorial Board, CNN believes that automating jobs is the only way to continue to increase utilitarian prosperity in the long term. The Board however understands the short term difficulties for blue collar workers and the concerns over a shrinking middle class.

However, CNN believes that the efficiencies offered by automation leaves room for companies to reinvest in their displaced workers via worker re-education programs, while still turning a profit. These re-education programs can emphasize skills that are not automatable, and help these workers engage in other types of economic activity.

Such re-education programs will also help propel these families into the middle class by providing skills like computer programming and data analysis that are much sought after in the job market.

The problem with automation thus far is not in concept but in practice. If automation is done poorly and workers are completely displaced, then yes, the concerns Al Jazeera puts forth may be realized. However, if done correctly, automation will make everyone more prosperous.