Written by RT News

Based on a recent update from the United Nations Security Council, there has been an outbreak of violence in Brunei where the impoverished are outraged because of the enforcement of adultery and homosexual laws by the Brunei government, which can potentially lead to a civil war in the country.

Earlier this morning, countries such as the United States, France, China, and Russia expressed their concerns for the political instability in Brunei and called for international humanitarian aid to protect the civilians in the country.

According to the delegation of China, “The UNSC should prioritize the protection of civilians as its most important task and respect the sovereignty of the Brunei government because western powers should leave the election of a potential new government to the people of Brunei instead of interfering its political affairs.”

The delegation of Russia also agreed with China and asked countries including the United States, France, and Indonesia to cooperate with each other and increase humanitarian aid to help the Brunei civilians under the support of UNSC.

“The Brunei people have the rights to rebuild their own sustainable government,” he added.

It remains uncertain what plan the UN Security Council will take, but all delegates agreed that the United Nations Security Council should provide an open forum for discussions about the best course of action that the Brunei government should take in response to the recent outbreak of violence in the country.