Written by RT News

Based on a recent crisis update from the United Nations Security Council, Poland has sent 1.5 million troops to invade Ukraine. However, this militarization has failed. Meanwhile, twelve delegates from Russia and China were killed during the bombing of the Russian Duma.

 Based on the conference reports our reporter has received in the last hour, since the start of its committee session earlier this afternoon, the UN Security Council has been in crisis mode. Delegates in support of Ukraine, such as the United States, China, and Russia, have been accusing Poland of human rights violations and publicly criticizing Poland for its actions of militarization and violence. 

According to the delegation of the United States, “The United States of America strongly condemns the Polish government for committing violence upon the innocent civilian in Ukraine. We are willing to work with other nations to offer peace talks in order to resolve the military conflicts and protect the Ukranian civilians.”

 The delegation of Russia also agreed with the United States and asked countries, including Belgium, France, and China, to cooperate with each other and increase humanitarian aid to defend the human rights of the Ukranian civilians and maintain international peace under the support of UNSC.

“The innocent Ukranian civilians do not deserve what is happening in their country right now. This is urgent. Our brothers need our help,” he added.

Members of the UNSC have been working on a possible solution to handle this crisis and come up with the best course of action that the Ukranian government should take in response to the invasion of Polish troops in its territory.