Written by Africanews

Currently, the government of Ramesses II is incapable of protecting themselves from invaders as they have, as a whole, experienced heavy losses throughout their campaigns. Because of this, there is a recruitment and propaganda effort in the cities of Thebes and Memphis to entice people to join the army.

Throughout these cities, there have been posters placed on pillars and walls throughout the cities with an image of the Pharaoh saying that he wants “you to enroll in training” this has had a strong effect on the people and has increased the number of transportation guards considerably.

The image of the poster is a crude drawing of the Pharaoh with the text. There have been promises made that any person from the Assyrian territories would be allowed to join in on the training and may even be allowed to join the chariot driving forces as a further incentive.

This initiative was created by Penre, the commander of the Medjayu militia; Amenhotep, the mayor of Memphis; and Anakhtu, Chief of the Transport Officials. This group is a natural selection of political allies as they are all focused on military protection either as their main responsibility or through their responsibility to protect their city.

Speaking about this recruitment initiative, Penre stated that he is hopeful that this will help to replenish the army and to help provide for the common defense and expansion of the Great Ramesses’ empire. The newly recruited guards would provide great supplements to the Chief of Transport as well and would help to protect the caravans that are the lifeblood of the Egyptian economy.

The work to recruit Assyrians could create a stronger bond with their culture and could aid in the battles against the Hittites. This would be a coup of the entire region if Ramesses II could pull it off. The peace between Egypt and Assyria is already allowing Egypt to flourish.