Written by BBC

Beset by a series of economic disasters, the galactic economy is at a historic low. The recent news of the collapse of the five biggest industry leaders in the galaxy has left the markets reeling. This event, in addition to the long term rampant income inequality have brought both fiscal pain upon citizens of every sector and have begun eroding the confidence of the citizenry in their galactic government.

There are many conflicting opinions on why the economy has reached such a state, and what course the galactic senate should take in order to respond to it. Senator Mon Mothma from Chandrila places the blame on the banking system. By his account, “the current crisis in the Galactic Empire is a result of a banking system without regulation and capitalization. The Galactic Senate must work to get the financial markets back on track and ensure that the crisis never happens again.”

Senator Mothma is currently working on legislation to reform the banking system and provide better backing. The galactic currency, credits, is currently backed only by a handful of wealthy planets such as Muunilinst following the collapse of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.

Others blame the concentration of wealth at the highest levels for the instability of the economy. Multiple senators have pointed out that the collapse of five corporations would not have been such an issue had the wealth of so many not been concentrated in those corporations.

Senator Savielk Trey'dra from Bothawui, an elected citizen of humble origins, is among the number of Senators advocating for measures to counteract income inequality in the galaxy. Trey’dra is currently advocating for greater worker rights as well. There have been some disagreements among members of similar opinion over whether a smaller or larger galactic government is the most effective way to improve workers rights. Trey’dra’s legislation may soon be sidetracked by legal proceedings, however.

Senator Trey’dra is currently under investigation following allegations of treason. Allegations include leaking battle plans to Darth Maul resulting in millions of deaths. Military Governor of Hypori, Director Orson Krennic has been a vocal critic of Try’dra.

According to him, “The Empire has no time for traitors. Trey'dra of Botswana colluded with Darth Maul, an enemy of our great leader Emperor Palpatine, to block our trade routes and bring the Empire to shame. I, with the support of the Galactic Senate, have motioned to arrest him, try him, and shame him in front of the Galaxy. He shall become an example of the wrath of the Empire.”

Senator Trey’dra maintains his innocence, and claims that the allegations against him are made by members of the senate with vested military interests that wish to see his plans fail.

In the battle over economic policy, few Senators seem to have any limits to what actions they are willing to take to ensure their visions make it past voting bloc. It remains to be seen whether the banking reform and income inequality legislation will make any progress, or if Senators like Orson Krennic will be able to halt the progress, through argument or accusation.