Written by RT News

During one of the unmoderated caucuses of the Galactic Senate, Sola Naberrie explained to RT that the committee had decided to divide the leadership of the galaxy between the representatives of each rim, which would make it easier for every leader to take control of the vast territory. Although there had been some internal conflicts within the galaxy regarding the political control over the rims of the planets, earlier this evening, the Galactic Senate went through its first voting block and came to the conclusion that the Galactic Empire maintains its power and sovereignty as an empire in order to ensure the stability across the galaxy and its security.

“Tell the people that I want to lead the Mid Rim of planets,” he said, “I promise I will support the working class and all people in the galaxy.”

However, soon after Naberrie’s ambitious words, the Galactic Senate received an update that there are now no divisions of the galaxy based on rims due to the recent loss of territory. As a result, each leader in the senate are currently working with each other to establish new plans of actions to respond to the crisis and establish a new leadership and representative system to strengthen the prosperity of the galaxy.

Towards the end of the latest unmoderated caucuses, each leader agreed that in order to preserve the security of the Empire, they must balance a variety of obligations and cooperate with each other to make more efficient use of its collective financial resources, invest in the industries of its star systems, and combat against the illegal black market businesses. With collaboration and integrity, the Empire will stand as the most powerful force to dominate the galaxy.