Written by CNN

Senator Trey’dra, who’s pending execution is likely to pass the Galactic Senate under the title “Snitches get Stitches”, is working to turn his death for treason into martyrdom. Senator Trey’dra hailes from Bothawui and has held several positions in Bothan politics before becoming a Senator.

As the Galactic Senate works to adjust their priorities for the upcoming voting session, various Senators expressed their disgust for Trey’dra and how much they would relish his execution. The Senators believe that before economic measures can be taken to improve the lives of citizens across the Galactic Empire, Trey’dra must be removed to prevent even the chance that he will lead information to nefarious agents.

Trey’dra has been accused of various black market deals, including contacting and working with the Sith Lord Darth Maul. The black market deals have lead to economic hardship for many in the Empire, and news of the dealings has begun to whittle away public confidence in the Senate.

Trey’dra’s rumored work with Darth Maul is even more concerning. The Sith Lord was once thought dead after his battle with Qui-Gon Ginn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and for Maul to return to such power that he is working with a Senator is a concerning signal that the Dark Side of the Force remains strong within the Empire.

After speeches pressing for the execution by various Senators and Orson Krennic, a representative from the military, Trey’dra was allowed a final speech before the vote.

With his last words, Trey’dra welcomed death, and took a few last shots at “the military industrial complex that will doom the Empire”. Addressing Krennic specifically, Trey’dra said he will never understand how the military could be so short sighted, taking the life of the one person who could help the Senate through economic troubles, and dooming the military’s future operations for lack of funding.

Trey’dra clearly has no regrets about his prior dealings and believes he will die a martyr for his economic beliefs.

Krennic was not given the opportunity to respond, but did not appear even slightly perturbed by Trey’dra’s speech.