Written by CNBC

The Crown Prince Ramsses II, previously found dead as one of hundreds of victims of a mysterious cholera outbreak, has come back to life.

It is unclear who is responsible for this supernatural event. Wennenefer, the High Priest of Osiris blamed a new fringe religious group: a mysterious cult whose emergence has rocked the foundation of Egypt to its core. The origins and mission of this cult is unclear, as is its name. It is currently being referred to as both the Cult of the Dead, the Death Cult, and sometimes the Cult of Darkness.

There have been reports of suspicious activity by this cult in isolated villages. They are believed to have been experimenting with raising other people from the dead, though it is unclear if these resurrections are related to the return of the Crown Prince. The council of Ramsses II is working to uncover more information.

Another group potentially responsible for the resurrection is the religious following of Geb. The insignia of Geb was found on the former grave of the Crown Prince. The religious following of Geb was started by Penre, the Commander of the Medjayu Militia.

Members of the council were split in their opinions of how pressing the issue of the death cult is. It was suggested that perhaps the resurrection was the result of a simple mistake. As one member of the council pointed out, “Mummification is a very complex process and it’s possible that a couple of steps were skipped in the motions… maybe these are just some terribly preserved people walking around.”

Prince Ramsses, the brother of the undead Prince Ramsses II, voiced concerns about religion fracturing within Egypt. Supernatural events naturally rock people’s foundational beliefs, and this can lead to internal instability, which, as Ramses II put it, “will only be used by [their] enemies to destroy [them].” Wennenefer agreed, defending the traditional religion of Egypt, and urging people not to forget their loyalty to their religious roots.

Fracturing due to religious differences has only been exacerbated by the ongoing war with the Hittites. The council is scrambling to deal with these many crises while maintaining internal social and religious unity.

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