Written by ZEE News

A pipe bomb, allegedly fixed with a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin, caused over 100 million barrels of oil spill in Alaska -- the largest oil disaster in history.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) was briefed Saturday morning of the spill, promoting the body to take action with the lead of the United States.

“We will take immediate action to stop this crisis in the Gulf of Alaska,” said the delegate from the United States. “This spill is on our soil, so the U.S. is going to work with Exxon to make a fix.”

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline spans over 800 miles coast-to-coast --across the entire state -- from the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. The Alaskan spill is about 20 times larger than Deepwater Horizon, which caused nearly five million barrels of oil to spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

After an investigation of the incident there was forensic evidence uncovered which was digitally recreated into a photo of Putin.

The delegate from the Russian Federation responded to the results, claiming it is an “obvious ploy” to frame the country’s leader. “This is outrageous,” said the Russian delegate. “Russia did not have anything to do with the spill. There is someone in this room trying to take us down.

As of the publication of this article, there are no concrete actions taken by the UNSC. The United Nations body, is expected to vote on a motion Saturday afternoon.