Written by NHK World , photo by Zee News

This article is a contribution from Imogen Gilmore-Baldwin

What happens when a journalist spends a weekend listening in on several in committee and out of committee conversations? They use the platform given to share the experience of LAMUN.

LAMUN is different that a lot of other conferences this delegate as attended and heard about. It has a unique and quirky set of committees that spark thought provoking issues fosters growth in individuals.

It’s not just the committees that sets LAMUN apart for this delegate, but also the spirit of the people. Everyone here seems to be unapologetically here to work hard and party harder. To kick off the first day of the conference, there is a scheduled bar crawl in which every one 21 and up, or those who have ID’s claiming so, is encouraged to go out and have a good time. From Vodka funds in the Central Committee for the Communist Party to opening secession shots of Bacardi in the Plata o Plomo: The Cabinet of President Gaviria,1990. In addition, upon passing by an unnamed delegate this journalist could pick up whiffs of alcohol off, who they had previously noted drinking from a red solo cup (which they claimed contained vodka).

It is also of note of the friendly nature of many of the dias’ here. Whilst walking through the halls and to and from committee I have overhead copious amounts of laughter and cheering. The dias’ here really encourage delegates to have a good time and enjoy a good laugh with their delegates.

Currently this delegate sits in the hall as the crisis team blasts “hooked on a feeln’”, what a time to be alive.

However, some aspects of MUN will always be the same.

It’s well known and expected that hours of hard work and preparation from each delegate has put forth in lew of the weekend of April 4th to the 7th. It all feels worth it after the adjournment of our last committee session, where we can reflect in the bask of our accomplishments. Some have just passed several resolutions while others have submitted their last article.

It is expected that the purpose of our being here is to encourage international cooperation, as well as cooperation from different delegations coming from different backgrounds and schools. However, sometimes certain delegates have their eye on the prize instead of the cooperation.

It’s well known that known that some delegations get too caught up in being noticed by the dias, that they sacrifice building connections with other delegates or trying out new things. In the elevator NHK overheard two delegates of the UNHCR talked about their final committee. To keep anonymity these persons shall be referred to as delegate A, and delegate B. At the time, UNHCR was about ready to move in to voting bloc for their first topic. Delegate A hopes to move onto the next topic in committee so that they can have fun with it. However delegate B responds that this would be anti- beneficial in there hopes to impress the dias. Delegate B wants to come out of this looking good, and in the end delegate A agrees.

While this is in no means something to not think of, it is a bit disheartening to not fully be able to experience this opportunity, because one is too wrapped up in winning an award.

While this article may come across as negative, please be assured that being a member of this conference has been a tremendous experience. There have been stressful times, times that made one really push their limit, but overall an incredibly rewarding experience. The hard work put in by the chairs and secretariat is heavily applauded by this delegate.