Written by Zee News

The Mexican Ambassador to Colombia claims to be holding the mother of infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar, promoting the Colombian Presidential Cabinet to take action.  

Ambassador Arnulfo Guillermo Rincón is keeping Escobar’s mother, Hermilda Gaviria Berrío, hostage in an unknown location somewhere in Mexico, after the matriarch of the Medellín Cartel escaped prison Friday evening. “Mama Escobar is such a sweet, old lady,” said Rincón. “She is currently safe. Last time I saw her, she was making tapas in the kitchen.”

Rincón has several demands on the Colombian Cabinet, with complete immunity and safe passage to any country he in the world as his no. 1 one priority.

“It is really simple,” Rincón explained. “Just let me out of Colombia, and I will return her to the authorities. If not, there are certain documents about the location of members of this cabinet that Mr. Escobar might be interested in taking a look.”

The cabinet scoffed at this extortion, calling for the complete censure of Rincón, and the ambassador's immediate arrest. “We don’t respond well to threats,” said Gustavo De Greiff, Attorney General. “This is a declaration of war, and we will take action.”

The body took action to remove Rincón from the presidential cabinet, while pondering how this new information can lead to taking down the man himself -- Pablo Escobar.

“We can use his mom as bait to fish (Escobar) out of hiding,” said De Greiff. “Pablo loves his mama. Let’s all work together to find her so we can bring this drug lord to justice.”

Justice was the plan of President César Gaviria, who vows to end the corruption plaguing Colombia. The president created his newly-formed cabinet to try rid the South American nation of Narcos. Gavaria’s advisors were at the cusp of their goal, with the arrest of Escobar’s mother.

Berrío was taken into custody Friday for allegedly assisting her son’s criminal enterprise. The reported Medellín Cartel is reported to supply up to 80 percent of the world’s cocaine supply, earning the Narcos an estimated $70 million -- each day.

The cabinet worked to track Berrío, ending in her arrest by Search Bloc, a unit of the National Police of Colombia assembled by President Gaviria. The charges for Berrío ranged from money laundering to complicity to commit murder, allegations egregious enough to merit extradition to the United States, according to the body.

Rincón claims he did not free Escobar’s mother from prison, instead the ambassador rescued her from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who wanted to use her drug ties to “spice up” their operations in neighboring Costa Rica.

“We had nothing to do with mama Escobar’s escape from prison,” said Jim Campbell, CIA Station Chief. “And we had nothing to do with that coop in Costa Rica. Wait, I mean the revolution in Costa Rica.”

The Mexican Ambassador said the CIA kept Berrío in a safe house, where he found her and transported matriarch where she is being held as of Saturday afternoon.

“Just give in, and she is all yours,” said Rincón. “Let’s work together to resolve this issue.”