Written by CNN

The christening of Pope Rodrigo Borgia brings an end to months of political warfare between the Houses of Borgia and Medici, both of whom were vying for the papacy.

The battle for the papacy began with the courting of the College of Cardinals, a group of Cardinals who elect the next Pope. As previously reported by CNBC and China Global, Pope Sixtus IV’s death threw Italy into chaos. Since then, the Borgia and Medici tried to build on the cadres of Cardinals that they had under their control.

The College of Cardinals began with 32 Cardinals, until three were mysteriously killed. CNN has word from within the Borgia family that all 32 Cardinals were invited to a family feast in an effort to wine and dine the group before the big vote. All of the Cardinals already loyal to the Medici declined the invitation, but the undecided Cardinals joined with the Borgia-bound Cardinals for an evening of festivities.

However, inspired by the failed Medici plot to poison Cardinals loyal to the Borgia, one of the maidens in the House of Borgia poisoned three of the undecided Cardinals. Until now, the circumstances surrounding the deaths of these Cardinals was a closely veiled secret. It’s rumored that these Cardinals were leaning toward voting for the Medici papal candidate.

That left 29 Cardinals, with 15 in favor of the Borgia and 14 for the Medici. But the foul play was not finished. The Borgia and Medici each worked to bribe the Cardinals, and both were successful.

Each family was only able to sway two Cardinals through bribery, so the totals in each cadre remained equal. The Borgia candidate, Rodrigo, was elected by the College of Cardinals as the Bishop of Rome, becoming

Even though they have won the papacy, the Borgia family is not out of the woods yet. They must now deal with an opiod crisis in Venice and a Turkish invasion from Naples.