Written by Al Jazeera

As the Central Committee of the Communist Party reconvened this Saturday morning, they were met with the news that their international presence has increased tremendously,  furthering their efforts in establishing the Soviet Union as a world power. However, this comes with the cost of provoking the American government, as well as continuing to seemingly ignore the array of domestic issues at hand.

Currently, the Soviet Union has expanded its communist influence to several countries including Cuba and additionally establishing trade relations with countries in Asia, therefore increasing their access to the global market.

Despite their focus on global affairs, members of the committee have come up with ways to utilize these newfound alliances and subsequent resources to fix the pressing domestic issues facing the Soviet Union, such as the long-standing famine and housing crisis.  

Solutions resolving the issue of low food protection include increasing rice trade with China in exchange for increased military, while simultaneously encouraging the peasantry to increase food production within the domestic sphere.

However, as member Demyan Korotchenko stated, “War with the US would be disastrous”. Because several of these newly established ties have some level of relation with America and may potentially provoke them, members of the committee are warning their colleagues to proceed with caution in order to prevent a physical war.

Members such as Amin Niyazov have taken this into account, however. In a proposed solution, he mentioned that due to the committee’s significant amount of success within the international military realm, “We need to move our navy closer and closer to our new ally Cuba [...] They can open ports near America.” as an effort to signal their power as a deterrent.

While the committee still has several issues at hand to address, particularly within its domestic realm, their international success is a signal that they have been able to effectively work together to further the Soviet’s power, rather than letting the nation fall into disarray after Stalin’s death. However, they have a nation of angry and starving people to handle.