Written by CNBC

Early in the morning on April 6, 2019, Jeff Bezos announced to his board of directors that he would be running as a democratic candidate in the already crowded race for President of the United States. He expressed intentions to continue acting as head of Amazon Companies, and answered their questions about his plans and intentions.

Senior Vice President of Amazon David Limp expressed surprise that Bezos was choosing to run against the current opposition. He pointed out that “the current administration … has made us a lot of money.”

Bezos, a democrat, countered by explaining, in essence, that his policies as president would bring even more profit to the company than Trump’s policies had. He compared himself directly to the current President, saying, “Donald Trump is thought of as a businessman president, but what makes me different from him is that I’m an actual successful businessman…. You don’t just want a businessman President [of] the United States; you want someone who actually know how to become the richest man in the United States.”

When asked about potential running mates, Bezos joked to his board, “I’ve been a member of the Yang gang since day one.” He then continued in a more serious tone, “Andrew Yang is a great friend of mine, also a fellow billionaire. I fully intend to adopt him as a running mate.”

When asked about his platform, Bezos held his cards close to his chest, explaining that his consultants were still working on the exact phrasing. He was willing, however, to briefly outline the ideologies behind his platform, saying,  “I just want to make sure America is open for business, that we can establish strong business ties with other countries, and that we can repair some of the damage that this administration has done, and that we make sure that we start a new technologically oriented society because I really believe in technocracy and I believe that it is time for business leaders and scientists like us to take over.”

When asked about his plans for foreign policy, he responded confidently, citing his buisness ties as indicators of future success in the area. He said, “I focus on the big picture. I know I’m the best person right now to establish ties with countries such as China because ultimately, I may not be a diplomat, but I’m the  one who can help [these countries] make the most money and establish the business ties they so desperately want.”

Neither Bezos nor Amazon’s board of directors expressed concern about potential legal obstacles to a Bezos presidency in tandem with his business dealings. This is despite the fact that much of what Bezos outlined in his speech about his intentions as president focused on his business ties and previous successes at Amazon.