Written by Reuters

As the US Department of Justice (DOJ) pushes antitrust charges and an investigation against Amazon, the executive board remains deeply concerned about the unknown rogue board member who sent out a memo encouraging the worker strike.

Upon being questioned during a press conference, David Limp stated that the rogue board member is “a menace intentionally undermining Amazon” and that “there is no doubt that information will be leaked to the DOJ”.

While the board has taken actions to try and delay the DOJ investigation until President-Elect Jeff Bezos takes office, there is doubt that Amazon will be able to keep ahead of the DOJ with the clear risk of sensitive and possibly incriminating evidence being leaked to the DOJ by a board member.

However, despite the risks of having a rogue board member present and recent public reports that aim to expose them, the board has failed to take any substantive action to investigate who is the rogue board member nor does it intend to. As David Limp said, “we kind of let it go since we figured that we have the DOJ investigation to focus on and we have all done some things that aren’t the best.”

So as the DOJ gets ready to dig in, the Amazon Executive Board is preparing for the signature Amazon Smile to turn upside-down as they brace for the worst.