Written by CNN

Below is an unpublished account of Japan, Inc., a secret organization that acted as Advisory Board to the Japanese Prime Minister from the end of World War II until the turn of the century.

This organization, made up of high government officials and key business partners, has acted as a sort of shadow government, pulling strings throughout Japan to build the nation into prosperity and an economic powerhouse.

One of the main goals of Japan, Inc. is to gain economic independence from the West (specifically the United States), but also maintain strong relations with the US as an economic equal. Japan, Inc. believed that in 1990, Japan was a sort of vassal state of the US, a designation that the organization believed it was critical to shed.  

In 1990 in particular, Japan, Inc. dealt with a particularly nasty series of issues. First, an economic crisis forced a massive bailout of the entire financial sector. Then, a communist terrorist group called Maroon 5 (Editor's note: no known relation to the modern band which terrorized American ears during the 2019 Super Bowl Halftime show) has blockaded an entire town. Finally, rival feminist groups have emerged and are bringing social issues to the forefront of Japanese discourse.

Today, we can look back at Japan, Inc. and wonder what the country would be like without such strong, yet secret leadership guiding them through the challenged associated with becoming a world power.