Written by Africanews

The United Socialist Soviet Republics are currently experiencing a massive shortage of food. The shortage is causing widespread famine and is a source of unrest for the lower classes.

Viktor Grishin stated that the government had misallocated resources during the years of Stalin and the processes he championed to rapidly industrialize. Money was spent on developing military technology as well as funding other countries through aid. This diversion of resources challenged the capacity for food independence and is the direct cause of the famine.

A five day work week in an attempt to help the productivity of workers. With an emphasis on helping the farmers, there have been discussions of creating a smaller bureau responsible for ensuring that there is a rotation of crops in order to keep soil from becoming overly depleted.

There was a directive that passed concerning the introduction of staple crops that could thrive in the harsh conditions of Soviet countries. One such staple crop was cannabis as a way to create durable clothing and other such woven goods at a more sustainable rate than cotton or other such materials.

“The overall focus for this committee has been to create directives that try to solve these issues, but there are several factions who cannot come to any agreement whatsoever and that is hindering us from doing anything but pass small measures that have little to no effect on the material situations of people in our countries.” Said Arseny Zverev.

The current starvation of the Russian people is related to the Central Committee’s inabilty to pass substantive measures to try and remedy the food shortage, and there is a lack of willingness to ask for foreign aid according to several committee members.

There is fear that asking for aid would diminish the power of the USSR on the world stage and would negate the power that they have accumulated through their increased military programs. Ultimately, this pride is what is keeping the people from eating.

There is a quote by Emma Goldman that says, “Ask for work. If they don’t give you work, ask for bread. If they do not give you work or bread, then take bread.” The USSR is making their people work but there is no bread to take, so unless the Committee can change that, then their workforce will continue to slowly die out and the country will weaken as a result.