Written by Zee News

Rehabilitation clinics in the remote planet of Kuat have been allegedly funding the spice trade across the Universe, according to an anonymous source in the Galactic Senate.  

The Senate legalized spice Friday, causing an explosion in the production of the drug, and a crisis of addicts spreading to the far reaches of the known Galaxy.

“These clinics are just fronts, funding the spice trade directly,” said the Senator, who wished to remain anonymous. “We need to help these people suffering from addiction, not make the situation worse.”

Spice, a drug that gives the user a longer life span, greater vitality and heightened awareness, is one of the most essential and valuable commodity in the Galaxy. The substance is reported to be able to unlock so called “prescience” in humans, an ability to to see events in the future.

Addiction to spice is very common, with withdrawal to the drug being fatal in some cases on the planet of Naboo.

“This substance is super addictive,” said the Senator. “The drug producers are increasing the potency of Spice, to create a whole generation of addicts.”

Galactic trade ledgers uncovered the illicit operation, which funneled the funds among several planets, including the tax haven of Pillio.

The “Pillio Papers” are a cache of hundreds of documents, detailing the intricate system allegedly including several members of the Galactic Senate.


The documents included in the leak, implement high-ranking Galactic Senate officials with close ties to Emperor Sheev Palpatine. The scheme used several shell corporations to launder the money obtained by the rehab clinics, directly to the producers of Spice.

Palpatine declined to comment on the matter.

A spice trade has developed after legalization, causing chaos in the Galaxy. Piracy is at an all-time high, with one smuggler claiming to finish the  Kessel Run in twelve parsecs, a claim not report by Zee News.

Looting and violence has erupted in the outer rim of the Universe, promoting citizens of the planets impacted to call upon the Galactic Senate to take action.

“We want an end to the Spice trade,” said Lando Calrissian, a citizen activist. “There has been too much bloodshed, end the violence in our Galaxy.”