Written by NHK World

After the Death of their leader, Joseph Stalin, members of the ccommunist party are ready to take on the United States, Western Europe and Japan.

During discussion on April 6th, many members of the CCCP have voiced the call for war as well as their plan of action.

Nikolai Belyaev got the ball rolling, stating, “Obviously now is the time we declare war on the US… it’s what the people what...it’s what those american pigs deserve”. Currently Belyaev and several others such as Nikolai Bulganin are working to combine directives to create a “single comprehensive directive.”

It is then that many members detail their plans for war. Delegates spoke of conventional war efforts such as “undermine american populus view of the war” to “undermine their view of their own government” and being training of troops to fight the United States promptly. Gregory Malakoff and others voiced there desire for nuclear space weapons to be employed. Many members were keen on the idea of nuclear war, and swiftly bombing three key points in the United states; Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles. The idea here is that the United States wouldn’t be able to retaliate quick enough. Ivan Konev, the soviet military commander, is keen to “retaliate as soon as possible” to avoid “further embarrassment” and get “WWW III” well on it’s way.

Other ideas included converting spys to double agents, gain control of factories to being producing supply and equipment for war, intercepting enemy communication and taking advantage of Italy's instability to spread the communist regime before war.

This committee was formed in 1912 and is composed of those elected by congress to serve as leadership for the communist party. However over the years under Stalin’s Regime, the committee began to lose power. After Stalin’s death 1953 the committee had the chance to rise to power once more.

This news comes as the committee has just lost their appointed Chairman on United States soil. Many are outraged with the western countries and refers to the United States as “america pigs” or “capitalist pigs”.

Currently, their main concern is going to war with the United States and potentially other nations. This would not be done purely for revenge, but to show communism as the dominant world power, a fear many Western states share.