Written by NHK World

Outcry from the Newenenef, High Priest of Amun, rose from the claims of Tija, Chief of the Treasury, that the gods were to blame for their struggles of their food supply. Newenenef was backed by Prince Ramesses and Sise the elder in the Committee for The Reign of Ramesses II: evolution and expansion.

For information on the events of this Committee we conducted an interview with Soko, we learned that the citizens of Ramesses thought they were supposed to have a good season harvest wise. This lead to people over eating and consequently a lack of sufficient food supply. When storages were checked it was discovered people on the inside had burned them down. The people moved to discuss the cause of these events; was it the gods anger, was it the new cult of death, many chimed in their opinion.

Newenenef declared their disappointment in outrage, that the gods were not getting the respect they deserve. He declared the gods “created us from nothing” and that the people owed everything to them. Newenenef believes that we are not giving enough praise to the gods, and that is the reason for their anger, and ultimately the shortage of food supply.

Siese the elder suggested that perhaps the “god of the grain [has] not [been] worshiped enough”, and that is why they burned down their supply stores. Prince Ramesses agreed heavily with both Newenenef and Siese.

Amenemope Viceroy of Numbia believes that the real focus should be on the Cult of death, who claim only one god, and demands the people track them down. He claims that when captured to use “torture if necessary” in order to properly punish their transgressions.

The plot continues to thicken as the council tries to discover those deceiving them, more to come on these stirring events with the continuation of the committee.