Written by Euronews

Glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising. The Earth is getting warmer. But the United States still denies that climate change is not real.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is dealing with a crisis with permafrost. Permafrost is any ground that has been frozen for at least two years straight. They are common among high altitude regions, such as the North and South Poles. Permafrost also traps in air and as it melts, it releases them.

Currently, due to climate change, permafrost in the arctic is melting and releasing pathogens long trapped inside the ground, such as smallpox. This poses a clear and present danger to international peace and security, a topic that the UNSC was designed to deal with.

However, the US continues to deny climate change and its effect in the face of overwhelming evidence. The US delegate told a Euronews reporter that “I’ve heard fake news saying the word global warming, but I’ve never heard it from actual scientists,” when pressed on how the US is going to address the melting of permafrost without acknowledging climate change, he said, “There is a cycle of hot and cold… It’s a natural cycle!”

This blatant ignorance of basic facts should disqualify the US from participating in the world’s most powerful governing body related to international security. As evidenced by the recent permafrost crisis, climate change poses a real and present danger.

How can the UNSC maintain its integrity when they continue to allow a permanent seat to the US who denies cold, hard facts?