Written by France 24

Duke of Valentinois Claudio Borgia has been crowned emperor of New Germany in 1478, gaining territory and influence as the Turks continue to move on Naples and as a new Balkan Front opens in the war with the Ottoman Empire. In becoming emperor, Borgia has successfully consolidated the previously independent German states.

In a speech outlining his vision for the new empire, Borgia maintained his loyalty to the House of Borgia family and to the Catholic Church. “You might be accusing me of dual loyalty for splitting my allegiances between Germany, France, and the Borgia family,” he said. “But I have been working for the good of the Borgias the entire time. My sole goal in consolidating the independent states of Germany was to actually create a powerful empire that would be able to come to the military aid of the Borgia family.” Borgia is a former condottiero, or military leader, of Valencia.

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This military aid comes at an important time for the House of Borgia, as the Ottoman Empire is posed to attack Naples. There are currently 2,200 troops surrounding the city as well as six ships with 1,500 further forces. The Turks plan to blockade Naples in order to put pressure on the House of Borgia.

The Turks are not expected to send further reinforcements to Naples, as a new Balkan Front has opened in the war in Poland. The King of Poland, who has long been pressured by the Turks about opening up to eastern trade, has decided to enter the war, and the Ottomans are expected to send all further reinforcements to the Balkans.

Emperor Borgia took credit for the opening of the Balkan Front. “I’ve also been advocating using the forces under my control to set up a new front against the Ottomans to relieve some of the pressure from Italy and the areas under Borgia control,” he explained in his inaugural speech. “So I fully invite the committee to take full advantage of these resources that I have gathered and trust that I am still and will always be a Borgia at heart. Hail Germany, but above all else, hail the Borgia family, hail the Catholic Church, and hail Italy.”

As the House of Borgia mulls Emperor Borgia’s proposal to take advantage of German resources, Borgia forces continue to attempt to move through Milan and Venice to attack the Ottoman Empire. Passage through these areas, however, has been slow. The Republic of Venice has been reluctant to negotiate and the House of Medici recently ousted the Duke of Milan, complicating troop movement.