Written by Africanews

The blurry image of an oasis is something that weary parched travellers yearn to see in the vast deserts of the world. What it is not is the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS). This committee is focused on finding solutions to global climate change through collaborative efforts. The small islands are all facing existential peril.

The delegates from Guinea Nassau stated that the potential resolutions are all strongly aligned and that several of the working papers could be combined in order to streamline the processes described in the papers. These resolutions are focused on means to which the states may influence larger states in order to reduce carbon emissions. This would mean that the states would open themselves up to increased economic mobility and the committee would recommend to other global bodies to take action to keep the ocean from swallowing up these small states.

There is disagreement among the committee in how climate change issues are addressed, however, they all agree that moving into voting bloc would give each other a chance to divide the question and remove all clauses that are disagreeable to the committee. Particular points of contention are plans for carbon tax suggestions for larger states.

The delegate from the Marshall Islands spoke adamantly about moving into voting bloc so that the economic issues prevalent amongst member states could also be addressed during their committee session.

Speaking hopefully, the delegate from the Marshall Islands believed that, β€œThe solutions to climate change are within our brains, it is possible, and if I was climate change, I would be scared of what we as a body are capable of. Because of this, I believe that we should shift our concerns to the economic spectres that affect all of our islands.”

The motion to move into voting bloc passed.

When the topic of climate change solutions is addressed to the satisfaction of the committee, they will then likely move on to the market that drives most of their economies: tourism. This industry is responsible for sizeable parts of each state in this alliance, with many of them being almost entirely dependent on the timely arrival of summer vacationing tourists.

Potential updates to follow.