Written by Africanews

Chancellor Sheev Palpatine is the main force behind the Galactic Empire. In fact he controls the Galactic Senate through his ability to add and remove senators from office at his discretion. This absolute power over the government gives the senator the capacity to run the government with a rubber stamp.

The Galactic Empire is controlled nominally through the Galactic Senate. They are the faces of the Republic. Yet, they have strings attached to their limbs. The power wielded by the position of chancellor is nearly absolute.

When speaking on the potential for rebel groups to become more powerful and to challenge the power of the Galactic Senate, Emperor Sheev Palpatine dismissed any such movements as fringe groups.

To the Senate, Palpatine believes that the greatest threat currently is the rise of Darth Maul’s shadowy collective. Said Palpatine, “Darth Maul is a religious fanatic of a deceased tradition, he’s no more than a terrorist.” His is the only known organization that is able to publicly stand against the power of the Empire. In fact, the Empire is currently undertaking a military expedition against this group of crime syndicates to try and remove them from the Galaxy.

The Empire, to Palpatine, is the greatest iteration of the Galactic government to happen for the people of all star systems, regardless of the dissent that some might express. According to Palpatine, those who commit treason will be subject to punishment, however, those who are loyal will be treated with respect.

There are whispers amongst some in committee that refute the weakness of the splinter groups, and even deny that the Empire is as strong as it seems. One senator who asked to remain anonymous even mentioned the potential for certain senators to try and sabotage the government from within.

According to this senator, the Supreme Chancellor is capable of controlling the Galaxy however he wishes, with little recourse for those in the Senate to try and remove him from power. There is speculation that all of the small rebellions are designed to drum up support for the government and the Chancellor himself.

With regards to the execution of a different senator, the Senator who came forward was granted anonymity.