Written by France 24

Taking the moral high ground is never easy, especially when you seem to be the only one on that path. France, however, is posed to take that moral high ground with the passage of a three percent tax on French Amazon revenues. The money raised from this tax, estimated by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire to be roughly 500 million euros a year, must go towards funding social welfare policies that benefit mistreated Amazon workers.

By investing this money into welfare and redistribution policies, France would send a strong moral message to Amazon and other large technology companies: labor violations are unacceptable and all workers must be fairly treated and compensated.

Amazon has engaged in countless labor violations around the world against its staff, including at an Echo speaker factory in China where nearly half the staff was illegally hired as low-cost agency workers and where employees were not paid overtime. Other examples from the United States include warehouse workers forced to urinate in trash cans due to inadequate bathroom breaks and constant surveillance by management in order to ensure efficiency.

France must take a strong stand against these violations, regardless of where they occur. Though these abuses may take place abroad, the products manufactured in those factories make their way into our country: through our consumption, we are responsible for worker suffering.

France must take the opportunity to invest money raised from this tax into compensating mistreated French Amazon workers, whether in cash or in other payment.