Written by CNN

Some would watch their father balance an impending war, trade negotiations, and a mysterious note about another monotheistic religion and be intimidated. But for Prince Ramesses, who has grown up in this chaotic world of power and privilege, he’s just excited for it to be his turn to call all the shots. We sit down with the newly designated Crown Prince to hear his thoughts on the latest in the Kingdom of Egypt.

With the recent death of your brother, you are now the Crown Prince of Egypt, meaning you are next in line for the throne. How are you feeling now that you are set to succeed your father?

“I was just as shocked as everyone else… despite much speculation, I had no part in my brother’s death. Everyone is assuming I did it, but to be honest, I’m not going to say that I’m unhappy that he died. Being crown prince has given me much more weight in committee.”

As Crown Prince, one day you will have to fight your own wars. Today, your father is preparing Egypt for war with the Hittites. How would you fight this war, if it were up to you?

“As I’m not of crime fighting age [20 years old], I would be very aggressive with the Hittites. I’d take the navy and invade inner Hittite villages. We have a clearly greater navy and we could take control of all of their coastal towns. I feel this plan is much better than our current strategy of fighting in a very narrow strip [Canaan], but Father’s word is law so I will faithfully execute his strategy.”

Should Egypt work with the Assyrians in any capacity (trade, security, etc)?

“Optimistically, I would love an alliance with the Assyrians. Despite our problems in the past, I think that our two empires could peacefully coexist, especially given that we share a common enemy in the Hittites. At the very least, we should enter into some sort of non-aggression pact.”

There has been word from Djara that a note proclaiming the rise of a single god and the end of the Kingdom of Egypt. What is your response to this?

“There is only one god and there has only ever been one living god, and that is the Pharaoh. So in a way, this message from the cave is correct, but in another is is incredibly wrong. The Egyptian throne is strong, the Egyptian people are strong, and Egypt will not fall under my father or my own watch.”

FInal question. What is one thing that you’d like the people of Egypt to know in these chaotic times?

“The Crown prince is wary of their plights and understands them. I am not here to advance my own political goals, but to honestly and earnestly help the Egyptian people. At the end of the day, I may become the Sun God, but it is my people that sustain me, so I want to do right by them.”

Thanks, Crown Prince. Good luck with your travels and with the impending battles with the Hittites.

And with that, the Crown Prince was off. It appears that, though he has just recently become the Crown Prince, Ramesses III is ready and excited to one day succeed his father as the Sun God. He has conquest on his mind, but the good of his people in his heart. For the enemies of Egypt, we have but one word of advice: beware.