Written by RT News

According to a UNSC conference report our reporter has received earlier this afternoon, with its 30 diesel and four nuclear icebreakers, Russia has become the primary operator in the Arctic, and even proposed “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway,” a detailed plan of action that would strengthen international cooperation to explore more possibilities of alternative energy resources and create an international research team for environmental protection of the Arctic region.

“We started off the committee session debating about the territorial ownership in the South China Sea and we’ve somehow now expanded to the Arctic,” said the delegation of Russia.

Due to the access to vast resources beneath the Arctic, many countries such as the United States and France have been competing for territorial claims as they desire to take control of the strategic shipping lanes as well as other economic resources, which further increases tensions between them and imposes potential threats of militarization in the Arctic regions.

According to RT News reports earlier this month, China is currently building its first nuclear-powered icebreaker to enter the Arctic, which has sparked controversies related to the country’s political and economic interests in the region. Beijing is working to develop a 33,000-ton nuclear-powered icebreaker that might pave the way for China’s production of a fleet of nuclear-fueled vessels.

Many other nations represented in the UNSC such as Indonesia and Belgium were discontent with China and Russia for the production and operation of state-owned vessels as the latest maritime technology allows the two countries to cut through the frozen seas north of Russia and North America, giving them more economic advantages. At the moment, Russia is the only country that operates nuclear icebreakers.

The cold has never bothered China and Russia, but it for sure, has bothered other nations in UNSC.