Written by Reuters

As the Central Committee debates how to respond to the death of Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin, it is vital for the Soviet Union that the Central Committee moves past the death of Stalin and rapidly establish new leadership and stability.

Since the Central Committee began debate on Thursday, April 4th, many delegates seem divided on what actions should be taken. Some delegates want to focus action on investigating Stalin’s death and honoring him, while other delegates focus on finding new leadership and constitutional reform. Delegates within each ideology even seem divided on what either of those should look like.

As the Central Committee’s debate continues, everyday people continue to face everyday hardships and the Soviet Union’s problems remain unresolved and unaddressed. It is of paramount importance that the Central Committee leave the death of Stalin in the past. They must move forward to adopt proposed constitutional changes to establish a parliamentary governmental structure, including a Prime Minister as the nation’s leader that would be able to provide the country with stable leadership, government, and future.

However, if the Central Committee fails to take such action, the Soviet Union, like Stalin, will fade away into the archives of history.