Written by BBC

Following the recent excommunication of the house of Medici, many in the Italian peninsula have begun to question the Pope and their Papal relations. Considering the great number of problems between the houses and the Holy Father, it is no wonder their citizens have begun to question the faith of their rulers. Numerous accounts of actions far out of line with Catholic doctrine have been recorded on both sides.

Recently, members of the house of Borgia proposed distributing bibles to the populace. They did not specify what language the bibles would be in, but considering the Catholic church prohibits translation and the general populace of Italy does not know Latin or Greek, it is questionable whether the members of the house in question intended to break Catholic doctrine, or are just out of touch with their subjects.

An anonymous source has given a detailed account of a plan by members of the house of Borgia to kill the Pope using a devious combination of poison and barge boats. It is obviously against Catholic doctrine to kill anyone, let along the recognized leader of the Church, and it’s odd they would even try since the supposed assassination attempt by the Medicis is what resulted in their excommunication.

The response to news of an assassination attempt in the room brought calls to protect the Pope. Those were soon stifled by members who said they might as well wait for the next Pope. We should hope their populace never hears about their disregard for the Holy Father, since Catholic doctrine is clear about his importance.

If the Houses hope to maintain their rule, they should refresh themselves on their own doctrines and the doctrine of the people they are supposedly protecting. Those under their feudal rule should make their voices heard and encourage their leaders to live closer to the doctrines they publicly profess.