Written by BBC

In the wake of the Clone Wars, many senators are now calling for a larger military to prevent such tragedies from repeating themselves and to bring stability to the galaxy. In reality, the limited size of our military is the only thing preventing an even greater tragedy: the fall of democracy in the galaxy.

The power of the executive branch is often tied closely to the military might of a political entity, especially in a democracy. It simply makes more sense to have a single person making military decisions. Armed conflict necessitates fast choices, a certain level of secrecy, and unified purpose. As a consequence, the authority of the executive branch is frequently bolstered in times of war.

The story, unfortunately, is no different for our galactic government. The turmoil brought forth by the Clone Wars has allowed Chancellor Palpatine to seize power and declare the Galactic Empire. Not all hope is lost for democracy yet, however. Chancellor Palpatine’s emperorship has not yet granted him unlimited power. He now is emperor for life and has total control of the armed forces (among many of the wartime privileges he has made permanent.) The Senate, however, still controls many aspects of the galactic government. Among them, the ability to set the military budget.

Though many senators have voiced their support for a larger standing army in the wake of this most recent conflict, we urge the public to reject their ill-fated rhetoric. The power of the emperor and thus the power to end democracy in the galaxy lies in his ability to command the military. Though it may seem unfathomable now, that our much beloved Palpatine could become a despot, we must not allow him the chance.

Some will argue that a larger galactic military will ensure future stability, or that it will provide much needed jobs in this era of reconstruction. To these arguments and any others, we must insist that no benefits now are worth the risk that our Senate could fall, and with it our freedom. Please, consider calling your senator, and adding your voice to the many that oppose the expansion of the galactic military.