Written by Africanews

The people of Rome are beginning to stray from the Catholic Church as they suffer from countless stillborn births. The health of the people is being negatively affected and the ruling family of Rome are unaware of the reasons why. The peasant movement is nearly 600-strong and is in possession of rudimentary weaponry.

The group is blaming the stillbirths on the corruption of the Catholic Church as well as the Borgia Family. These stillbirths come just on the heels of a plague affecting the entirety of Rome. The root of which is also a mystery to the Borgia.

The Borgia have proven time and again that they are incapable of ensuring the health of the people throughout Italy and for all of Christendom. The Borgia have recently come into possession of nearly one-fifth of the Medici banking fortune, yet have not invested any of that money into the crumbling infrastructure of Rome.

The movement against these corrupt nobles is no shock, especially considering that the Borgias are the most influential family in the Italian states. The people of Rome are exploited the most by the taxes levied by the family that has access to funds raised by tithes. The Church also sells indulgences to those who can afford to pay for their sins.

The Church is the most powerful institution in this time, and as such, it is responsible for the state in which the people live. The Church’s actions have a material impact on the lives of everyone in Europe and neighbouring regions.

If the Borgias are willing to spend so much time ignoring the peasantry, then they deserve to be rioted against and deposed. The people deserve to be heard, and they deserve to be able to choose their leaders, rather than suffer through the family grudges of nobility. Vive la révolution!