Written by Reuters

On Friday, April 5th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party tabled debate on new leadership to begin debate on the housing and food crisis and the principle of outward expansion.

Not long after the debate began did it become evident that many delegates framed the situation that either domestic investments in food and housing could be made or the Soviet Union could push communism and Soviet economic activity abroad, but in reality, both are desperately needed for the Soviet Union’s growth both ideologically and economically.

As the Central Committee continues its debate, a paradigm shift is needed. The Central Committee must end its one-action-or-the-other mentality and take a multi-action approach to addressing issues and the need to promote growth.

Many of the ideas that have been proposed on the floor, such as increasing farming and infrastructure investment, establishing a defence pact with other socialist countries, and increasing support for communist parties in Western countries would be highly beneficial to the Soviet Union.

However, these ideas alone can only do so much: when enacted together, these proposals can strengthen growth in a meaningful way.