Written by China Global Television Network

Amid heightening tensions in the House of Medici Friday afternoon, delegates debated the best approach to their conflict with the House of Borgia, a contest that has a clear solution: noncombatant diplomacy. We believe that the struggle between these families need not lead to violence, but can be resolved by communication and creativity.

Select delegates’ stances in committee have supported our opinion with ideas and directives, including using the arts to find common ground with the Borgias, as suggested by Botticelli. Botticelli further argued that the Medicis should formally recognize and communicate with the Borgias, informing them of the Medicis’ goal to establish peace. Indeed, this is the ideal foundation upon relations with the Borgias should be built. The Medicis should not behave reactively, but proactively, and avoid further conflict by committing to nonviolent means.

Future developments will likely demand stronger action, however, but we believe that diplomatic methods can still be employed to avoid violent force. Delegate Trivulzio took an entirely problematic position, lobbying for the immediate establishment of a military backed by surrounding states. Formulating an armed, militaristic force would be counterproductive to the Medicis’ interests; it would invite further conflict in an increasingly difficult situation that can be otherwise dissolved through peaceful intervention.

We the editors agree instead with delegate de Becchi, who argued for defense over offense. De Becchi essentially argued for defense by default, acknowledging the unlikelihood of the Medicis’ victory in a hypothetical militaristic act. Although it is most ideal to maintain peace for peace itself, we recognize the realism of the committee’s conditions; yet we remain firm in our belief that violence can and should be avoided.

In a situation as volatile as the joint crisis committee, protecting delegates by preserving peace is the only responsible solution. The House of Medici should heed the wise direction of delegates Botticelli, de Becchi, and their supporters to maintain peace and order in Florence.