Written by NHK World

The NHK Editorial Board is impressed by the relations in international relations shown by the committee for the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), and hopeful to see the passing of several draft resolutions. During our visit to the AOSIS we saw three strong draft resolutions being presented before this body.

Over this weekend, AOSIS has been working hard to read through and question the three draft resolutions that three different blocs have worked to create. The topics the committee is working to address are sustainability and the global green economy, increasing rates of brain drain, and climate change/global warming.

The papers being placed before these bodies are pleasantly diverse in content. The papers are titled SEED, CAP, and U-CLA. As a cooperation with great investment in the foreign bodies on a global scale, we hope to see all three of these draft resolutions passed for the betterment of these small somewhat overlooked states.

The first draft, SEED, is focused on sustainable development and funding through the formation public and private relations. There is an emphasis on the “protection of the AOSIS states” from those potentially wanting to take advantage of them, and the hope to create a new board titled EASIS to advise these nations on climate change related matters.

The second draft, CAP, is focused heavily on infrastructure and agriculture. There ideas intail investing strongly into “cash crops”. Developing research and grants for the addition of sustainable energy. As Well as restoring and preserving natural phenomenon and improving infrastructure to be more green and stable. Other interests they mentioned were disaster relief, developing more communication between nations and employment opportunities for renewable energy.

Lastly U-CLA wants to implement several projects to protect seas, implementing more towards the Paris Agreement goals and fully transitioning to renewable energy. There plans for funding rely in NGOs and other larger states. They recognize the rise and benefits of Ecotourism, and what to implement ways to preserve the AOSIS states in order for this to continue.

NHK would like to see a future with these beautiful nation states in them. The work done by the delegates in this committee is commendable, and our cooperation hopes to see it pay off in the passing of all three resolutions.