Written by China Global Television Network

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has moved on in Friday’s session III to discussing interests in the Arctic, and a recent report revealed that global health risks may compound climate change effects in the tundra as diseases are suspected to be lurking beneath the melting surface. The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway directive is being proposed to address the pressing concern.

The committee has learned that due to greenhouse gases, Arctic permafrost has ceased freezing, possibly releasing bacteria causing life-threatening illnesses thought to have been eradicated decades ago. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet made a statement on the issue, multiple countries are already moving toward initiatives and policy to address the potential global health crisis.

Under the Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway directive, sponsors China and Russia advocated for a research task force to be established under the jurisdiction of the Arctic Council. The force will investigate the disease risk claims and analyze the conditions of the permafrost. Conclusions made by the task force will presumably inform future decisions about how to minimize the reappearance and spreading of deadly diseases.

Speaking for the directive, China argued that the task force is “quite non-controversial” while Belgium cautioned that undertaking this risk should require a “clear and complete framework of specific safety standards.” Meanwhile, Russia argued that appointed scientists should be given autonomy over their research without the oversight of UN politicians. The United States remained neutral in debate, but affirmed, “The U.S. will always stand with protecting human life.”

Further debate in the committee broached the possibility of inoculating Siberian residents against the diseases. With human lives believed to be at stake, delegates are collaborating to execute the best methods to prevent an epidemic. The issue also corresponds with territorial dispute over Arctic land, especially between Russia and China.

China Global Television Network will continue reporting on additional advancements as debate moves forward.