Written by Africanews

The Central Committee of the Communist Party removed journalists from the committee chambers when the Committee moved into voting bloc to vote on several directives. Correspondents from Reuters as well as Africanews were directed to leave.

The directives being discussed varied in their scope and topics. There were several clauses concerning the state funeral for the recently deceased leader of the USSR, Joseph Stalin. Far more common were clauses concerning the methods of electing a new leader.

There was also a directive focused on delaying any elections until an investigation into Stalin’s death is concluded. This clause caused grumblings among some blocs in the committee as there are those who believe that any delays into naming a successor could lead to disunity amongst the unified Soviets.

The resolutions were voted on in the order they were introduced in committee. Of the directives, the ones that passed were related to the government needing a new leader and the methods to elect such a leader.

There was a motion to name Chairov Chairznikov as the General Secretary of the Central Committee, which passed with acclamation. The naming of the new General Secretary marks the changing of the guard, as the positions of the new General Secretary is unknown.

It will be the responsibility of the Chairznikov to ensure that the Korean War is resolved in a peaceful manner as the committee believes that there needs to be a renewed focus on the home front.

A discussion of limited capitalist concepts being sponsored by the USSR in order to compete with capitalist nations around the world became contentious as the Minister of Finance, Arseny Zherev, challenged the strength of communism’s image if it cannot house its own people while beginning capitalistic practices.