Written by China Global Television Network

China’s political leaders have been under pressure from the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women to enact policy for gender equality, and it is time for our leaders to listen. China, a proud leader in many other global interests, has fallen behind in this issue.

Considering the rising rates of female elected leaders and policy changes in countries around the world, China has waited too long to contribute. Our lack of action has weakened our position among nations whose other agendas threaten our fundamental ideals. Gender equality is a universal issue that should be agreed by everyone; our country hurts only itself when it refuses to endorse the actions taken and requested by the committee.

As we face vast and complex struggles with competing powers in the East and West, gender equality is the uncontestable foundation upon which these powers should rest. Furthermore, committing to the cause of gender equality will not only heighten our standing with competing world leaders, but will also strengthen and unify our society. The policies and plans proposed by the Committee on the Status of Women offer universal guidelines for intricately connected member states to follow. As a leading figure on the global stage, it is in China’s best interest to adhere to them and collaborate with progressive nations on a cause that is exponentially beneficial and essentially undebatable. There is truly no reason to keep waiting; our leaders must act.