Written by Africanews

The Borgia and Medici are the main powers of Italy. This is apparent to everyone who lives in the papal states. While the Medici are known for their sponsorship of the arts, they are in fact just as despicable and murderous as the Borgia.

The Borgia are well known for their propensity for bribery and overall lack of character, especially for a family well known for its priestly associations. This is in sharp contrast to the perception of the Medici as givers to their state.

The power that a single family can wield in a Republic of all places comes through nothing but the power to control public perception. It is through their sponsorship of the arts that the Medici are capable of endearing themselves to the public while profiting off of their misery. The power wielded through the Florentine Republic by the Medici is only through the bludgeoning of the peasants.

The gilded iron fist of the Medici is only seen as righteous by those who subscribe to the power of florins (the money coined by the Florentine Republic). The wealth of Lorenzo Medici is nearly unrivaled in Europe and has influence throughout the Italian peninsula. It is no wonder then that other currencies are measured by their relative value to the florin.

It is the responsibility of all states in Europe to undermine the power of this corrupt and nepotistic family. The corruption of a single state must not be allowed to spread to others. Stop buying into the Florentine banking scheme.