Written by Africanews

When a soldier is sent to the frontier of an empire, it is generally because of their disciplinary record. For the several thousand soldiers sent to Upper Egypt, however, they had a mission to scout out the area for hints of enemies. This force was created to root out threats to the Pharaoh Ramesses II.

A skirmish between this force and unknown assailants resulted in numerous casualties for the Pharaoh’s forces. The assailants seemed to have come from beyond the Sahara desert based off of information gathered about their weapons.

Said the Mayor of Memphis, Amenhotep, “The threat of ever more enemies to the Pharaoh will undoubtedly cause concern, however, I still have to remain concerned first and foremost about my citizens who are suffering from the plague.”

The Government of Memphis is aware that other advisors in the Executive Council to Ramesses II might seek to conquer all of the Pharaoh’s enemies. He understands the need to create allies in neighbouring regions as well. The continued rule of Egypt necessitates having stable allies.

Penre, the commander of the Medjayu Militia, mentioned that his militias are needed to prepare for an invasion of Lower Egypt by Hittites. The city of Thebes has the militia to patrol the lands around the city in an effort to deter any potential invaders. There have been efforts to increase the number of militia members, and institute such groups in other cities, particularly in Upper Egypt.

Several members of the Executive Council advocated for using victims of the recent cholera outbreak as biological weapons against the enemies of the Pharaoh. This usage would usher in a new age of deadly weapons which could impact thousands of people throughout the region. The implications of such discussions are not conducive to peace.

With the increasing instability around the Egyptian Kingdom, areas surrounding the Pharaoh’s realm will have to be vigilant for similar attacks against their people. The unknown assailants struck with skill and timing against the scouts of Ramesses II’s army. The level of coordination suggests premeditation and cunning that is dangerous for the region as a whole.