Written by CNBC

Amazon is slowly working its way toward world domination, striving to sell us every product we could possibly need. They already dominate online sales, earning 49 cents of every e-commerce dollar spent. The company’s next frontier? Our food.

In recent months, the tech company has been criticized for alleged unethical treatment of workers. It has become a hot topic in politics; politicians from across the spectrum have publicly criticized Amazon and some are working to take legislative action against the company.

Despite this, Amazon’s financial future remains bright. Its greatest strength is to recognize and meet the wants of the average consumer: variety, convenience and cheapness. As long as it continues to provide services in this vein, it will continue to grow despite opposition voices. And this is not for the better.

Amazon’s future growth will happen in the food industry. It acquired the health food chain Whole Foods in 2017 and lowered its prices. The company also opened cashier-less Amazon Go stores in which customers are automatically charged for what they buy. And Amazon has plans to open mid-sized grocery stores, adding variety to their food-based ventures.

Due to their ruthless strategy, Amazon will come to dominate the food industry in the coming years. This is good for those who have already invested in the company and are willing to get rich no matter the consequences, but bad for the long-term good of the world as a whole. A company that originally earned its wealth by pursuing smart but questionable policies in book sales has no business in our food. It’s unfortunately much easier to compromise our morals as consumers when it comes to cheap online purchases, but we should draw a line when it comes to what we eat, leaving at least one part of our lives untouched by Amazon’s particular forms of disregard for human dignity.