Written by ZEE News

All public banks shut down Friday at the order of the Bank of Japan in response to the “Occupy Japan” movement turning violent.

Commercial and personal banking in the Land of the Rising Sun has ceased and is expected to remain closed until the end of the “Occupy” protests, said Minister of International Trade and Industry.

Banking Breakdown

“All banking is now shut down in Japan affective immediately,” said the Trade Minister in a briefing to the Prime Minister’s cabinet. “All of the assets being held in Japanese banks are now frozen.”

The Bank of Japan is responsible for the shutdown, according to the trade minister, but the President of the Japanese Central Bank is not taking responsibility.

“It appears someone within by banking hierarchy has somehow used my name to shut down all of the banks in Japan,” said the president. “This goes against the Japan as a whole and my role in this cabinet.”

The Bank of Japan President promised the body his support to rectify the crisis, vowing to open banks not supporting the “Occupy” movement.

Foreign investment in Japan is being pulled an “alarming rate,” sending the country’s economy on a downward spiral. The Prime Minister called upon his cabinet re-open the banks to prevent any further damage.   

“This is an extremely important time for Japan,” said the Prime Minister. “This banking crisis and is just going to increase violence on the streets if this is not fixed.”

“Occupy” This

The once peaceful movement aimed at reducing corruption and increasing transparency in Japan caused chaos in the streets of Tokyo after being armed with light-up batons by an unknown entity.

“There is chaos in the streets right now,” said Officer Naruto with the Tokyo Police Department (TPD). “The occupy movement has had some mysterious sect rise up out of nowhere.”

Protesters are beating your people they are destroying your storefronts and they are beating your police officers, added Naruto.

The Occupy movement is being supported by the head Social Democratic Party (SDP) who condemned the recent turn in violence.

“While we agree with the ideals of the Occupy movement, this recent turn in violence is horrifying,” said the head of the SDP. “We urge the leaders of the movement to condem this action as well to end this.”