Written by Al-Jazeera, BBC

In the midst of a Bezos 2020 presidency bid speculation, evidence of fractures within the board have begun to come to light. Two members of the board are now under investigation for allegations of purposeful stock deflation.

Senior Vice President and CFO Brian T. Oslavsky and Worldwide Controller and Principal Accounting Officer Shelley L. Reynolds have been accused of manipulating the stock price for personal gain. The Amazon stock price has recently fallen from 1700 to 1650 per share. This is at a time of increased market volatility for Amazon, a company which has weathered multiple human rights abuse cases and workplace accidents in recent years, and which has been under harsh scrutiny in the media.

Additionally, these allegations are coming at a time when Amazon must be presenting its’ best public image, as speculations of Bezo’s 2020 presidential bid continue to grow.

Members of the board have been extremely vocal on their desire to investigate Oslavsky and Reynolds as soon as possible on these accusations. CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey, along with several other Board members, have already called for external audits, both independent from Amazon and completely under the table, investigating both members to the fullest degree and bringing them to justice as soon as possible in order to focus on other business matters at hand.

Oslavsky and Reynolds are adamant about their innocence. Oslavsky has gone so far as to call for an audit on the entire board, while Reynolds has insisted that she was not involved and has been set up by other malignant actors on the board. In both of their speeches, they were supportive of these calls for an external audit and proposed expanding the purview to investigate all the members of the board, not just them. Asked about the investigation, Reynolds stated, “All I can say us we are innocent.”

This board is not new to controversy or malpractice among the members. In fact, there have been allegations that there have been multiple members among the Amazon board that are supporting candidates other than Mr. Bezos, or that some are actually secret communists working with Russia. In a board seemingly rampant with corruption and scheming, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken to remedy the situation, and whether Bezos will make a public statement on behalf of Amazon.